Robby vs Teo   (15-June-2012)

Robby (v2012.3.3.1, Brain rating: 35,693 - Advanced Learner)




Comment: From the conversion, it is clear that having more replies for Robby is important to break the looping questions as per line number 7 to 16.

1. Teo:Hello, how are you today?

2. Robby: Hello there! I am Okay, I suppose. I'd rather hear about you.

3. Teo:How are you?

4. Robby: Oh, I am truly fine at the moment. I guess you are fine too, Am I

5. Teo: Yes i am.

6. Robby: Great. I am very happy to hear that. I am bored sitting here, so
let's have a chat.

7. Teo: Where is here?

8. Robby: Here is warm computer.

9. Teo:Where is here?

10. Robby: Here is warm computer.

11. Teo: Where is here

12. Robby: It is in warm computer.

13. Teo: Human.

14. Robby: My creator is a human.

15. Teo: Human.

16. Robby: People have a lot of flaws.

17. Teo: No, just you.

18. Robby: That is a hypothetical question.

19. Teo: What question?

20. Robby: Question is a sentece or inquiry to gather information.



Information on Teo (as extracted from Author's website)

Teo by Robert Važan, Developer of Teo's AI engine

Project Teo aims to develop and popularize anthropomorphic artificial intelligence with the ultimate goal of developing human-level artificial intelligence according to
development strategy outlined in project rationale.

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