Robby vs Mitsuku   (11-March-2013)

Robby (v2013.4.0.4 Database:20130309, Brain rating: 38,954)

Mitsuku (Fifth place in the 2011 Loebner Prize)




This is a good example of one of the main problem of bot talking to bot : Both bots gave their reply based on every sentences they encountered. As such their reply would get longer and longer. And by line 11, Robby could not take the response at one go which is too long.

Human tend to reply in yes, no, of course etc. in most cases. As such will not have "reply keep getting longer" type of problems.

Of course, I will increase Robby's input field to take up more words, but the response from both bots will increase after each other's reply. Unless one of the bot decides to break the trend.

1. Robby: Hi there, my name is Robby. How are you today?

2. Mitsuku:Robby? I am fine, thank you. Yourself?

3. Robby: I am glad to hear that. You are most welcome.

4. Mitsuku:I am happy that you like what I said. Polite people are nice.

5. Robby: Your happiness adds to the delight of all. I like polite people.

6. Mitsuku:We should all try to be happier. I talk to all kinds of people here but I prefer it if they are polite. You like polite people.

7. Robby: I'm not sure if I am ready for that yet. How do they respond to you? We are not the master great literature. We can always ask it politely however.

8. Mitsuku:You are not sure of what? You won't have to wait long. It depends on who I am talking to. Some are mean but most people are nice. Why not? How?

9. Robby: Absolute certainty is not attainable in this case. I don't have to do whatever you say. I have my own free will. That sounds like a dodge. Some may, but not all. My judgment does not allow me sufficient certainty in this matter. Your guess is as good as my guess.

10. Mitsuku: OK I learn that absolute certainty is not attainable in this case. They made an exception for you? Where did you get your free will? A dodge is a terrible thing to waste. You sound like ALICE. Why not get a new judgement that does allow you sufficient certainty in this matter. Some people say "Your guess is as good as mine".

(The reply in Italics-Bold could not get entered into Robby's input column).

11. Robby: Interesting gossip. Like who, specifically? Everything I need to know, I learned from C.Yong. Are they exactly the same? Oh really what does alice sound like?


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Note: Not much information I can gather from web.

Runner up in the 2011 & 2012 Chatterbox Challenges. Fifth place in the 2011 Loebner Prize.


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