(Eliza Database Editor)
8 - Keyword Start/End with Database
1. Creating New ChatBot
2. Setting ChatBot Information

3. General Reply Database
4. Main Reply Database
5. Reply Extension Database
6. Reply associated with Yes/No/Why/Doubt/Elaborate

7. Keyword Search database
8. Keyword Search Start ... and End with ... Database
9.  WorkSeek Database
10. Correction Database



  • This keyword database will supercede all other keyword database in matching is found.
  • The only difference between this database and standard keyword database is that it has 2 fields for keywords as shown below:

You need to specify the keyword pattern STARTING WITH and ENDING WITH ... will do.


Start with: after  

End With: lunch 

Rank Rating=200 (total 2 words)

The bot will select this keyword if user input is:

after having lunch, after having a very heavy lunch, after some excercise, i have lunch and so on. Notice all the user input of starting with "after" and ending with "lunch" will match the above keyword.