(Eliza Database Editor)
Main Page
1. Creating New ChatBot
2. Setting ChatBot Information

3. General Reply Database
4. Main Reply Database
5. Reply Extension Database
6. Reply associated with Yes/No/Why/Doubt/Elaborate

7. Keyword Search database
8. Keyword Search Start ... and End with ... Database
9.  WorkSeek Database
10. Correction Database

Latest version : 2013.5.7 (Build: 20131010)

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If you are new to the editor, it is recommended that you start from section 1:Creating New ChatBot.

Basically the flow of this tutorial will follow what is shown on the main menu of the editor as shown below:

Please note that the image shown in the tutorials may be slightly different from what you are having as the Editor may be improved from time to time.

Latest version 2013.5.7 (Build: 20131010) includes one additional database: Containing Both (i.e. 2) Keywords database.